What Can I Expect On My First Visit?

Going to a new church can be a tense experience.  Many questions run through your mind about the type of church it is, the style of worship, how will I be recognized, how will I find my way around, will the people be friendly.  York Street Christian Church is a place of warmth and friendliness.  There will be greeters to meet you when you first enter and provide you with a bulletin.  Should you need directions, they will be glad to assist you.  We also have posted directional signs strategically in the building.  When you enter the auditorium people will be milling around and talking with each other, and some will probably introduce themselves to you...not to be threatening, but to welcome you.

How Should I Dress?

 Please feel free to come as you are.  There is no dress code, though we ask you to dress with modesty since we are gathered to worship God.  Most people will dress in business casual, some will be in jeans, and a few will wear a suit and tie.

Will I Be Recognized As A Visitor?

 No.  We have all visited other churches and understand the needs of those who wish to stay out of the spotlight as visitors.  We consider all "first-timers" as guests and want them to be at ease in our services.  Everyone is encouraged to fill out an attendance card and place it in the offering plate when passed, but you will not be singled out.  Filling out the card is entirely up to you.

Will Someone Visit Me At Home After I Attend Your Church?

Only if you request it.  With our busy schedules, no one likes to have uninvited guests in their home.  We respect that.  If you desire someone to call on you, that request can be marked on the attendance card.  If you fill out an attendance card with your name and address, you will receive a letter from our minister thanking you for worshiping with us.  Visits are made only by appointment.